What’s Next?

Amy Bracht

Amy Bracht

Coach | Change Agent | Dream Manager

Have you been thinking about what’s next?

With the announcements this week on vaccines and therapeutics. our hopes are raised that we can return to our “normal” lives within the next few months.

But if you think about it, is that what you want?

My clients have made some pretty interesting discoveries in the past few months. Yes, they want to be able to move freely, be with family and friends, and enjoy going about their daily lives again. However, they’ve realized they don’t want to return to the same “life”…hustling around running to activities which don’t sustain them, being on autopilot just trying to get things done, filling time with things that might not really matter to them because they don’t know what else to do.

So when you plan your post-COVID lifestyle, what does it look like?

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