Transform Your Career Podcast

Amy Bracht

Amy Bracht

Coach | Change Agent | Dream Manager

Marcus Edwardes invited me to his podcast to speak about how I help people who have decided to make a career switch.

Listen in as I explain why many of even the most successful professionals feel hollow or unsatisfied with their careers, why self-awareness is the first step to solving that problem, how to overcome limiting beliefs in our ability to succeed in any given venture, and what it really takes to have a career in the space you’re passionate about.

  “I firmly believe that we are called, as human beings, to live very abundant lives. That abundance can take on many different forms; but, for most people, they really want to experience that abundance, that joy, and that passion in their career.”

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As a career coach and Psych-K facilitator, clients often ask me about how to find the right job to amplify their career path.

If you’re in need of this kind of support, please reach out to me for a complimentary consultation to explore working together.