Mission Statements

Amy Bracht

Amy Bracht

Coach | Change Agent | Dream Manager

One of my offers as a coach is a “Career Transformation” package. The usual client is someone who knows they want a change but aren’t sure exactly how that looks. It’s a short burst of energy (6 weeks) towards figuring out what values and interests should drive their next move.

A fun thing we work on in the program is mission statements. I used to have a somewhat jaded view of these exercises when I was in the corporate world–mostly because a lot of work would go into a statement, but as life goes on, you see decisions or actions that don’t align with the mission statement. Then it becomes easier to set it aside for yourself.

However, I’ve found a personal mission statement has a critical element that corporate ones don’t–one person has complete control over what the mission is and aligning decisions and actions towards the mission. That person is you…or me. 🙂

Do you know your mission?

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