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As a coach who specializes in this approach, I’ve seen firsthand how the Dream Manager program can transform the lives and careers of individuals, as well as the success of entire companies.

Dream Manager is designed to help your team members discover their true passions, goals, and aspirations, and then create a roadmap to turn those dreams into reality. By harnessing the power of accountability, guidance, and support, the Dream Manager program helps individuals break down barriers, overcome obstacles, and reach new heights of personal and professional achievement.

As a team leader, CEO, CTO, or CFO, you understand the importance of investing in your people.

The Dream Manager program is a powerful way to demonstrate your commitment to your team’s growth and development, and to foster a culture of continuous learning, improvement, and success.

Don’t wait any longer to help your team members become the best version of themselves.

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Why Invest in Dream Manager?

Transform Your Team’s Potential

Using Dream Manager can increase sales and performance of employees in several ways:

Increased Motivation

When employees have a clear vision of what they want to achieve in their personal and professional lives, they are more motivated to work hard and achieve their goals. By helping employees identify their dreams and aspirations, Dream Manager creates a sense of purpose and motivation that can drive performance and sales.

Improved Engagement

When employees are engaged with their work and feel a sense of connection to their company’s mission and goals, they are more likely to perform at a high level. Dream Manager can help employees feel more engaged by giving them a voice in their own personal and professional development, and by providing them with the support and resources they need to succeed.

Increased Accountability

Dream Manager helps employees create a plan for achieving their goals and holds them accountable for taking action towards those goals. This accountability can help employees stay on track and focused, leading to improved performance and sales.

Improved Communication

When employees are empowered to share their dreams and aspirations with their managers and colleagues, it can lead to improved communication and collaboration. This can help teams work more effectively together, leading to improved performance and sales.

Improved Work-Life Balance

Dream Manager helps employees balance their work and personal lives by identifying their priorities and developing a plan to achieve them. When employees feel that their employer cares about their personal development and supports their goals, they are more likely to stay with the company.

Career Advancement

Dream Manager helps employees identify their career goals and develop a plan for achieving them. When employees feel that their employer supports their career growth, they are more likely to stay with the company and work hard to achieve their goals.

As employees identify their dreams, create a plan for achieving them, and providing support and accountability along the way, Dream Manager can help increase motivation, engagement, accountability, and communication, all of which can lead to improved performance and sales.

Dream Manager Testimonials

Transforming Lives and Careers

What do Dream Manager Program participants and company leadership say about The Dream Manager Program’s impact?

Review these below responses from one client organization. Comments from company leadership, the organization’s Dream Manager®, and Program participants are all included.


The Dream Manager Program has had a major impact on the culture and performance of our organization. The employees who have participated have an increased passion for the work they do each day and that passion has been contagious throughout our company.
Drake, Chairman, President and CEO
The Dream Manager Program will change your life. Unlike typical self-help books, the Dream Manager Program is not a “how to” approach to fix all of life’s issues. Instead, the Program is designed to help you identify, pursue, and achieve your dreams. The result is living a life full of passion and purpose.
Tim, Vice President and Certified Dream Manager®
The Dream Manager Program, and more specifically my Dream Manager®, has given me the confidence to set a goal and accomplish that dream, now more than any other time in my life. In less than 1 year I have been able to transform my mental approach to life. I have lost nearly 70Ibs and have become an avid runner. I have a goal to run my first half marathon by the end of the year, and I have no doubt I will accomplish that dream. The Dream Manager Program is not just about marking dreams off a list, it is about becoming the person you have always dreamed to be!
Michael, Banking Center Manager
The Dream Manager Program is like a magnifying glass for me; it allows me to take a good look at myself up close. It serves as a navigation system; guiding me along the way as I work toward my goals. My Dream Manager® sincerely cares about my well being, and I’m held accountable without the fear of judgment. The Program has taught me that priorities change, and a change in priority is not failure ... it is achievement delayed!
Ca Donna, Business Analyst
When I started The Dream Manager Program 13 months ago, I viewed myself totally different. I had little to no confidence in myself. After my monthly meetings with my Dream Manager® started, I began to view myself and those things around me differently. Instead of feeling discouraged over past failures, I began to celebrate the small changes I was making in my life. Over time, those small changes have led to major victories. Since I started the Program, I have accomplished over half of my initial list of 100 dreams. They range from establishing a budget to earning a promotion. I can honestly say the Dream Manager Program has helped me be “the best version of myself” I can possibly be. I owe my company a HUGE thank you for offering such an awesome Program to their employees.
Nichole, Banking Center Manager
The Dream Manager Program isn’t just a “program” it’s a life style change. It’s an opportunity to stop and focus on yourself at a much deeper level. When this Program was first introduced I was amazed that a company would put that much into its employees “personal” goals and dreams. As always, our company is a step above the rest and recognizes the importance of helping their employees become the best version of themselves. Since starting the Program, my husband and I have bought our first home, paid off all our credit card debt and have more money in our savings than ever before. Most of all, I’m more aware of the quality of time I spend with my family and living my life as an example to my child. The Dream Manager Program has opened my eyes to see that there is nothing more important than the legacy I leave for the future generation.
Amber, Assistant Vice President

Why work with me?

Transform Your Team with a Dream Manager Coach

Working with a coach on a Dream Manager program can provide several benefits, including:

Personalized Support

A coach can provide personalized support to help individuals identify their dreams and create a plan for achieving them. I provide guidance, resources, and feedback to help individuals stay on track and overcome obstacles.


As your company’s coach, I can hold individuals accountable for taking action towards achieving their dreams. This can help individuals stay motivated and focused on their goals.

Objective Perspective

I can provide an objective perspective on individuals’ dreams and goals. This can help individuals identify blind spots, recognize patterns, and gain new insights into their personal and professional development.

Skill Development

As a part of the process, employees recognize the skills they need to achieve their dreams, such as time management, goal-setting, and communication skills.  As your company’s coach, I collaborate with management about how to best leverage this information for both employee and company benefit. 

Faster Results

Working with a coach can help individuals achieve their dreams faster than if they were working alone. Coaches like me can provide motivation, support, and accountability, which can help individuals stay focused and on track towards their goals.

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