Meet Amy

Meet Amy

I believe we are meant to live abundant, meaningful lives
- but most of us don’t know how. 

That’s where I come in. 

I’m here to help my clients see their worth
and make the necessary changes to live that life.

So ... why me?

I’m a product of this method’s success.

But it hasn’t always been this way.

Feeling stuck is the story of the last fifteen years of my life. 

I wanted to live an amazing, abundant life, but I didn’t know how.

Like you, I wanted something different.  But I was afraid to make a big change and disrupt a pretty comfortable life.  I had a lot of voices in my head saying “don’t mess up a good thing”, “this is just how life is”, “you don’t need more than this”, “look how much you have, just be happy with it and don’t think about it.”  Though I knew I needed something different, those voices kept me right where I was for a long time.


Amy Bracht, best career coach in Omaha

But it nagged at me, the need to make change and make it stick.  I read lots of books and I did a lot of research.  And then one day, I read about how much of our daily life is run by our subconscious brain versus our conscious brain.  How much faster our subconscious brain processes than our conscious brain.  How all the things I’ve automated in my life for efficiency were run by my subconscious brain.  And it just clicked.

I’d always wondered why I could know what I was supposed to, and what I wanted to do, but I would sabotage myself on the way to what I wanted.  Or stay stuck in a situation I didn’t like because I didn’t think I could do anything different.  And the answer was right in front of me; the subconscious mind, holder of all these stories and beliefs that I’d picked up along the way, was still playing the same old tune that it had learned when I was a child.

Change the tune,

change my life.

In my research, I found a process called PSYCH-K™, a method to make rapid, efficient change to support new goals and aspirations.  

So I decided to work on this process myself and became a facilitator.
As I used PSYCH-K™ as a tool for change, I became unstuck.  Finally!

By setting reasonable goals and changing the old belief patterns of my brain to support the changes I wanted to make in my life, I started to see real change in how I felt, how I showed up in my life, and clarity about what I want and how to make it happen.

Amy Bracht, career coach in Omaha

The great thing is,
you can do this, too! 

Change is possible,
and it can be quick, efficient,
and complete.   

I’m excited to share this journey as a coach to guide you through this incredible process.

I believe,
      don’t you?